Quick Tips

How to book a repair?

It’s very simple to book a repair through Repair And Assure, as our helpful Customer Support team - do all of the work for you! All you have to do is give us a call on our FREEPHONE telephone number 0800 088 2943 and let us do the rest. It’s a simple as one short phone call.

Model Number

Every one of our customers’ machines is different; whether it is a Bosch washing machine to a Zanussi cooker. The model number of an appliance allows us to identify which parts (when necessary) are required so that we can fix your appliance hassle free.  

The simplest way to discover your appliance’s model number is by looking through the manual that came with the appliance upon purchase – as this will always contain any information that you may need. If you do not have the manual handy (as we understand that you may not), please try the following steps – please note that all model numbers will be printed with your appliance’s serial number on a data label (white label):

1)     Checking the inside of any access doors

2)     Checking any flaps (commonly at the base of the appliance)

3)     Checking the inside walls of your appliance

Despite all appliance designs and manufacturing being completely different – model numbers are usually kept to the same location (where possible) to make it easier for you, so the above tips should help with all of your appliances. If you do not hold the appliance’s manual and the above tips do not help you, please call us on FREEPHONE 0800 088 2943 and our Customer Support team will assist you further.

 Serial Number

As with the model number of your appliance, the serial number helps identify your individual appliance. We will rarely ask you for this, as the model number should be all it takes to have you booked in and ready – but is handy for you to know. Fortunately, the serial number is found on the same data label (white label) as the model number.

If I call, will you help me?

When contacting our FREEPHONE number on 0800 088 2943, you will be fortunate enough to speak with one of our welcoming customer service team. Unfortunately, they are not highly trained appliance engineers, but are highly trained in customer services – so will promptly be able to assist you in having your repair booked as efficiently as possible. Part of their customer service training, though – is general technical support. So when necessary, can provide you with this.